Try something new…bake with Olive Oil.

Using Olive oil instead of butter for baking! Olive Oil for baking is very popular in Mediterranean cooking. It may sound a bit odd, to bake with Olive Oil, but has been used for centuries.   Olive Oil is one of those “good” fats. It’s a monosaturated fat, with...

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Cosmetics: "Dittany" & "Labdanum" oil

The treasures from the Cretan land are the base of all the Bioaroma products. The holiest creation of the Minoans was dittany placed in olive oil, used as an offering to their gods, and Labdanum resin, which was used in their creams and burned as incense. Utilizing...

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About our olive oil

Our olive trees  have been in the family for generations.  Located  in the "Mani" on the  Peloponnese area of Greece in and around the village of Agios Georgios. For the origin of the word "Mani" the views of many, but the one that has prevailed and seems to be widely...

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Anti – Cancer Benefits of Olive Oil

The polyphenols found in olive oil are a natural for helping us lower our risk of certain cancer types. Many types of cancer only get initiated when cells are overwhelmed by oxidative stress (damage to cell structure and function by overly reactive oxygen-containing...

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Our new website!

Welcome to our blog ... Greek Handmade Products... Here we will share our news, tips, recipes and lots of other things ... But first lets say few words about us ... We are 3 sisters (Vicky , Vana and Mado) and we love to make things with our hands. Vickys  speciality...

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