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Here we will share our news, tips, recipes and lots of other things …

But first lAbout us photoets say few words about us …

We are 3 sisters (Vicky , Vana and Mado) and we love to make things with our hands.

Vickys  speciality is sweets but also how you can use oil in food, in sweets, in beauty. Of course she had a good teacher our mum and grandmother… you can ask anything you want and she will have the answer…. and even if she doesn’t she will be honest …

On the other hand Vana as a graphic and interior designer she has a very artistic way of looking at things. She makes lovely handmade unique jewellery and olive soap. She gives attention to the details from the materials, the shape and finally the package.

And last me, Mado, an industrial designer, I love fabrics and the last few years I leave in Ireland… Very hard to write about myself so let me write few words about our family.

When I was a child because I was the youngest, I observed what the rest of my family were making with their hands. For example our Dad was a very good tailor and  he made unique clothes for all of us. Our grandmothers Vaso and Stavroula, two different women with totally different lives, Vaso lived in Athens a very elegant woman, her speciality was knitting and cooking. On the other hand Stavroula lived in Mani in a small village to take care the olive trees alone, both women worked hard, never complaining. Finally our Mum is a key character to all of this, her taste, her style and her honesty give us the power to do what we love. Some times you don’t know how people around you can help you in different ways.

So here we are …..our e shop is ready!

All our products are made in Greece some from us but also from people that we share the same ethos! Greek, handmade, excellent quality,  personalised…with lots of details and love.

Welcome to our Greek family!!!

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