Our olive trees  have been in the family for generations.  Located  in the “Mani” on the  Peloponnese area of Greece in and around the village of Agios Georgios.

For the origin of the word “Mani” the views of many, but the one that has prevailed and seems to be widely accepted is one in which the place name came from the word “Manu”, which means sparse, bald, treeless, dry.

One quick look in our village you will see why…

Mani is characterised by arid landscapes, with its presence of aromatic plants and small trees growing on rocky territory. “The botanical paradise ” as it is called, consists of a huge variety of endemic and non-plant, while conditions for the development of olive cultivation is more than ideal.

Growing olives in Mani:

our olive trees 1Words Mani and Olive are inextricably linked. The greater part of the area (Olea, overwhelmed by olive groves almost exclusively “Koroneiki” variety. (Olea europaea, var.microcarpa alba).

Excellent soil and weather conditions. Intense sunshine. Low rate of rainfall. Mild winters. Hilly and rocky limestone soil. Strong presence of aromatic plants and beneficial native species. Factors, which in combination with the mild cultivation methods (non-use of irrigation systems, strict pruning once a year for maintaining a small tree size) contribute to a local form olive, whose fruits produce highly viscous  and aromatic oil.

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