Chamomile soap – 80gr


Greek Handmade Olive oil soap, based on a family recipe.
Does not contain: perfumes, preservatives or artificial colοurs.
Ingredients: Olive oil, Water, Sodium hydroxide(NaOH), chamomile.
Tested for centuries by humans and not on animals.
Suitable for sensitive skin.
Natural Ph balancer.

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Chamomile olive soap (Calm)

Greek Handmade Olive oil soap  Chamomile herb.

100% Natural pure soap

Based on an old family recipe.

Use for face and body.

Is ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

This soap bar does not contain artificial flavour, preservatives or colours.

Tested for centuries on humans and not on animals.

Ingredients : Olive oil , Water, Sodium hydroxide, (NaOH), Greek Chamomile .


The Olive oil has the ability to hold moisture next to your skin without interfering with the skin’s normal function.

Is a natural cleansing and moisturising soap.

We add impregnated and dehydrated Greek chamomile that has grown close to the ground and has small blossoming flowers. It’s a pretty flower and gentle herb.

The chamomile herb relieves stress, calm nerves, reduces irritation, moisture, and conditions the skin.

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