Gift Box for Her Valentines Day – 50€


This is a great present for you or for your love ones, for Birthdays, Valentine’s day.

We make a nice wooden box in a natural colour.

Nicely decorated.

Inside the Gift Box you will receive:

– 1 Soaps Olive oil wrapped nicely.

– 1 kids craft surprise.

– 1 bottle 250ml pure Extra Virgin Olive olive.

– 1 pack of 3 fresh herbs, Greek Oregano, Sea salt, Peppercorns.

– 1 Cosmetic , Face Peeling.

All made in Greece with love!




Inside the Gift Box you will receive:

Olive oil Soap:

  • An Olive oil soap wrapped up nicely as shown in the photo. All soaps are handmade based on an old family recipe. Does not contain: Artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. Tested for centuries on humans and not on animals.

Extra Virgin Olive oil

  • A glass bottle 250ml “Greek Lady” an artisan Extra Virgin Olive oil, direct from our trees to your table.

Fresh Herbs

  • Greek Oregano, is found wild in the arid mountains of western Mani. Handpicked and natural dried. Has strong aroma.
  • Sea salt from Mesologhi. The purest of all table salts, considered supreme quality. Fresh, dried in the sun and packed without any processing, refining or adding chemicals.
  • Peppercorns in three colors, Green have mild flavor , Black have a stronger flavor profile and Pink are soft with a sweet – sharp flavor.

Herbal Product

  • Bioaroma developed 100% natural herbal Cosmetics, with raw natural organic materials. All the products does not contain water, 100% vegetable. All the ingredients are utilised in a vertical integration on production, based on traditional methods combined with new technology to maintain quality control and safety.




Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 15 × 9 cm


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