Olive Oil


Oil-1bottle-smallerOur Extra Virgin Olive Oil

from Mani, Greece click here to read more…


detal j bannerInspiration + Creative Freedom + Greek.

Are the elements that make up the personality of these jewels.

Unique pieces, handmade, authentic, silver with semi-precious stones.


Olive oil soap from Greece.

100% natural

100% handmade in Greece

13 different types.


Natural Cosmetics

Cosmetics so natural …you can eat them!

100% natural therapeutic cosmetics

from olive oil & herbs of Greece.

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giftbox2oil01cSpecial offers!

Gift products in boxes and bags  

A great present for you or for your love ones..

Kids Crafts

Here are our  little crafters in the family… Marianthi, Stefania & Anastasia!

Every summer with their imagination they create things using materials that they found in the Greek sea and beach. Materials like shells,draft wood,sea glasses, rocks.

Handmade unique kids crafts… Enjoy!

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