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Greek Handmade ProductsOur story it’s probably exactly the same as yours… just different character names.

Is about a Greek family that loves to create!

We are 3 sisters (Vicky, Vana, Mado) and we grew up in a family that our grandparents, parents and lots of others relatives where make things with their own hands, so it was impossible not to be creative.

The other thing that our parents passed down to us is  …how to work! We believe in having a good time while we doing what we love and we do love what we do.

So one sunny day the 3 sisters create the Greek Handmade Products!

Our philosophy is the products to be handmade, natural and with Greek style.

All our products are made in Greece from us but also from people that we share the same ethos!

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For further information on our products please emails us at info@greekhandmadeproducts.com

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